The Advent is a tradition observed in many Christian religions in preparation for the coming of Christmas.  In interfaith religion we can view this symbolically as the preparation for the unfolding of the seed of perfection implanted within each of us.  In preparing ourselves for this new realization of this Power within us, standing ready to act for our good, we first need to:
  • believe that it's possible;
  • allow love to act through us;
  • live in joy brought forth through gratitude.
The natural result of this process is PEACE.

Where there is faith, there is peace, because there is no worry, no lack, no fear.

Where there is love, there is peace, for there is no need wish anyone harm.  We only want the best for those that we love!

Where there is joy there is peace, because inner contentment and happiness foster feelings of well-being, not conflict and war.

Being at peace means to be in harmony with all of nature.  Being in harmony with all of nature includes being in harmony with ourselves, others and our surroundings.  Being in harmony with ourselves means in body, spirit and mind.  Faith, love and joy are the way to this peace.

This is true in all aspect.  Faith + Love + Joy = Peace in Spirit and Mind, but in Body, as well?  Yes!  Health is a state of harmony.  Health is achieved when body, spirit and mind are all three at peace and in harmony.  We must have faith that we can be well, act with love towards ourselves and give ourselves the care that we need, and live in a state of joy through our gratitude expressed every day.  Show love to others.  Do not harbor resentment.  It will show physically, too.  Resentments build up toxic reactions with the body.  Poisons come from mind as much as they do from the chemicals placed on our foods.  We need organic thoughts, too! 

A state of peacefulness is very healing.  Meditation, for instance, has so many positive effects on the body as well as the mind.  Test scores are higher due to increased mental clarity, but physical tasks become much easier, too, with a relaxed mind free from stress.  By physical tasks, I am referring not only to heavy tasks such as lifting or moving about.  I am also referring to simple things, like the heart's task of moving the blood around in the body.  High blood pressure is one of the symptoms often relieved with meditation.  Isn't it amazing how the body, spirit and mind work together as one? 

The examples of this are so many and the details so intricate that anyone would think it an exaggeration, but it is not!  Anything which affects the body, spirit or mind, any one, will always affect the other two.  We are not isolated bits and parts, but rather whole beings.  That's what holistic healing involves.
Peace.  With peace we are perfectly well.  Peace of mind.  Is there anything better to have?  Peace in our body...not conflict and disease as if it is at war with itself.  Peace in the soul is the very best kind, for that is the peach which comes with KNOWING that everything is as it should be.

It all starts with faith and with love.  Peace is like joy, in that it is more of an indirect consequence of living in faith and love.  To foster peace, just as joy, faith and love must be fostered first.  Peace is the end result.

Just as in the story of Christmas, Jesus, the Prince of Peace, is what everything has been building to. 

Peace.  Don't let it be taken away by thoughts of hatred and fear.  Peace.  Don't let it be taken by insecurities, blame, remorse, jealousy, anger.  Live in Faith.  Live in Love.  Live in Joy.  Live in PEACE.  If you can't find peace, then go back and rethink your stance on faith and love.  Check your gratitude level if you're not feeling joy.  This all leads us to peace, as surely as the Star led the wise men to the baby Jesus. 

The star represents our inner conviction.  It's what lights the way.  The star is the light of illumination, beckoning us to continue the search and lighting the way towards realizing our highest good.  The wise men followed the star, which was shining brightly for all to see.  Follow that star within you!  It will surely lead you to peace.

Faith + Love --> Joy = Peace!

Do you have faith?  Foster it.  Don't tear it down by negativity, doubts, fears, worry...look for the good, it is there.  All things work together for good.  Keep the faith.  Know there is something better for you.

Do you have love?  Express it!  Express it to yourself by taking the best care of yourself that you can.  Express it to God by honoring the ways which are good and true.  Learn more of these ways.  Loving God means loving GOOD.  Express it also by loving others.  All others.  Even those you don't like.  Even those who are different than you.  Even the animals.  Love ALL.

Do you have joy?  ENJOY IT!  Share it!  Let your Light shine!  Joy is to be enjoyed!  Be grateful and have a good time expressing your Faith, your Love and your Joy!  Joy to the world, the Lord has come! 

In this context, of course, many see Jesus as Lord, and yes, Jesus was and is the Lord...because Jesus lived through his higher self, the image of God in man.  We are beckoned by the star of our own consciousness to realize this perfection also in us.  We are created in the image and likeness of God.  Living through the Christ means living through this precious and perfect place also implanted in us. 

What's not to enjoy!  Rejoice!  The Christmas story is for us all, telling us the story of the birth of the Christ Spirit in us.  It is about Jesus, yes, but it is also about you and me.

Faith.  In God.  In Goodness.  In Love, Joy and Peace.  Faith in the Perfection of Life.  Faith in a Power Greater than just our wee little humble and tiny selves.  There is so much that we cannot do on our own.  Yet all of our needs are met.  Even in death, they are met.  Are they not?  There is peace for the dead as there is for the living.  Peace is the Ultimate Goal.  It is fostered by Faith, Love and Joy.

Love.  Of All.  Love of Life.  Love of You, Love of Me, Love of God.  Love of all you've been given.  Don't judge good or bad, because in faith we know it's all Good.  It's all God.  Love every minute of life and everything that it brings!

Spread the Joy!

Live in Peace with yourself, your God, and the world!  Live in Peace in body, spirit and mind.  War is over, if you want it.  War is over now!

Happy Christmas to All...Everyone!!!!
"Vibraceous, ND"

Please watch this interview, too...John Lennon on Peace.


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