To Thine Own Self Be True

"To thine own self be true," advice offered by Shakespeare's Polonius, is good advice for us all.  We would do well to heed this advice in all aspects of spirit, mind and body, all three.

Spiritually speaking, we are created in the image and likeness of God.  To be true to ourselves means to be true to this.  When we tell ourselves or allow ourselves to believe that we are anything less than perfect expressions of goodness and love, we are not being true to ourselves.  To be true to ourselves means to realize we are living expressions of God. 

What is God?  God is Love.  Pure Love.  Be true to the Love inside of us and extend it out to the world.  God is Life.  Give reverence to the Life within us, and the Life within others and throughout the entire natural world.  God is Good.  Be true to the Goodness in us. 

God is the Intelligence at work in the Universe.  God is the Source of all Strength.  God is the Wisdom and Power.  Turn to the All Loving Source of all Wisdom, Goodness and Power and know this is the True Essence of Life.  Find this point of perfection within is there...find it through meditation and prayer and then always, always strive to be true to this.

On the level of mind we must also be true to ourselves.  With spiritual integrity as our basis we will come to know our own mind and align our will with the will of Good.  We must use our mind to keep our thoughts true to ourselves.  It is easy to slip into the same thinking patterns of others around us sometimes, or the words of the TV ads.  To sit with friends and complain is not being true to ourselves, nor is running out to buy the next thing we are sold in an ad designed to sell us things we do not need.  We have to remember to think for ourselves and be true to our best interests, and not simply the popular fare!

Starting with the spiritual foundation of the Truth of our being, namely that we are children of a Perfect and Loving Universe (God), we must train our minds to dispel any thoughts of being anything less.  Being true to ourselves on a spiritual level is knowing this Truth in our heart. and being true to ourselves on the mental level is acting this same Truth out in our mind, not allowing ourselves to slip into negative patterns of thinking, which is so easy to do.  This is so much of our human challenge in life.

Now to be true to ourselves on a physical level is where being true to ourselves comes to the test.  Being true to ourselves doesn't mean giving in to our every whim.  It means being true to our Divine Nature, which means living in accordance with our Natural Design.  In the physical world this means putting our Divinity into practic  e!  It means acting as though we are Love, spreading Goodness and Cheer!  This also means taking care of ourselves according to the way that we are meant to be cared for, instead of just what is convenient for us.  This is also being true to ourselves!

Do we breathe how we're designed to breathe?  Or do we take itty bitty little shallow breaths into our lungs and barely breathe out?  Do we breathe from the belly as we are supposed to, or do our shoulders move up and down when we breathe, indicating we're not breathing deeply enough?  Is what we are breathing pure air, or is it air filled with chemical pollutants?  Think you can't control these?  Are you using synthetic fragrances in your everyday life?  Switch to natural fragrances and be true to yourself!  Natural fragrances (as those in essential oils) are meant to breathe in, according to natural design.  They are good for our health as opposed to synthetic scents, which are scientifically proven to impair neurological function, endocrine function, and the respiratory tract. 

To thine own self be true!  Don't accept anything less than that which is according to your true design!  You are designed to be healthy and well!  You are created in the very image of LIFE!!

What about water?  Do we drink what is required by our body according to how we are made?  I'm not talking about just drinking enough to barely survive, but rather drinking enough to truly quench the thirst of our very cells!  Our bodies are more than 60% water, with our blood being 92% water, and yet so many people think they can be healthy without drinking much water at all.  Is this being true to ourselves?  Being true to ourselves means to care for ourselves according to our natural and intended design.

Our bodies are designed to move.  Do we move?  Sedentary lifestyles lead to problems with health.  Be true to your design!  On the other side of that, do we properly rest?  We were designed in such a way as to repair as we sleep.  Learn ways to deeply relax and get regular sleep.  This is being true to yourself.

How are our bodies designed to be fed?  Are we designed to eat real food from the earth or are we designed to eat chemicals out of a lab?  Food is designed to perfectly meet our nutritional and healing needs.  Do we eat food in its original and perfect form?

Likewise, are we designed to eat that which comes from violence and cruelty?  Is this being true to our inner core of Goodness and Love?  It is important to use our mind to think about whether we're being true to our spirit on a physical level, as well as whether we're being true to our physical needs.  Needs, not wants.  Being true to oneself means being honest with ourselves about what it is that we need.

Being true to ourselves means being honest with ourselves about many things.  All things, in fact, for without total honesty, how can there be total truth?

It's time we stop kidding ourselves, finding excuses, blaming other people or our present circumstances for our lot in life.  Seek Truth.  Real Truth.  Seek out the Goodness and Love in all of Life.  Seek out the Goodness and Love in you and be true, foremost, to this.  You will be healthier, happier, and you will live a much more rewarding and satisfying life for the doing. 

To thine own self be true means to be true to God!  God's will for the world is all Good!  God's will for you is all Good.  God's will for how you will act is always to ta ke the path of Love, and Love will be expressed in your life.  Love God, love others, and love yourself.  You are created in the image and likeness of Love!  To this always be true.

Blessings of Truth,
Dr. Jody Evans
"Vibraceous, ND"

Essentials of Life Holistic Enrichment Center is a home-based interfaith church focusing on the Goodness of God's healing Love, expressing through all of Life! 


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