The Holistic Dance of Life

Life is a dance!  It ebbs and flows, moves this way and that, growing, receding, dying, regrowing again.  All of the elements of life intermingle with one aanother.  A cosmic square-dance, swinging our partners around.   

The dance of life is holistic.  It involves all that we are. Spirit, mind and body come into play with every step. 

When we breathe, it is for our physical body, but it is also quite calming to our mind to control how we breathe.  Spiritually speaking, the words, "breath" and "inspiration" are quite closely related,  The archaic meaning of the word, "inspire," is, "to breathe or blow into or upon ," and also, "to infuse (as life) by breathing."  Breathing practices have been used in meditation and otherwise since the beginning of time for known benefits to spirit, mind and body, all three.  When dealing with physical issues regarding breathing, look to all parts of ourselves to enhance our healing.  Holding in breath often signifies holding in fears, or somehow not letting go, or a reluctance to take life in fully for whatever reason knon only to them.  Sometimes it's an indication that on some level the person would benefit through meditation.    Exercise can also help, as certainly can herbs, eliminating synthetic fragrances and replacing them with the use of essential oils...many things can help.  Healing is an integrated, holistic approach.

Water is undeniably good for the body, as it is what comprises most of our physical state.  Mentally, water represents our emotional nature, and is given to us in dreams, or in the form of tears.  Problems with water in the body (all bodily fluids) can be influenced by the emotions.  Fear, for instance, affects in the kidneys, (i.e., "So scared I pe;ed my pants").  The adrenal glands, located directly above the kidneys, are directly related to fear as well, being the glands responsible for producing the hormones needed to deal with stress.  See the connection behind body and mind?  Spiritually speaking, fear is the opposite of faith.  Water is also related to anger, as in the term, "P.O.'ed." 

Anger resides, too, in the liver, which filters the blood blood=(fluid=water issue).  Anger will absolutely poison the blood, as it raises the body's pH and must be buffered by robbing valuable minerals from us, which should be going to other functions.  Again, the adrenal glands become involved due to the stress of anger, and so do the kidneys.  Anger is actually fear in disguise. 

The spiritual remedy for fear and anger is Faith and Love.  So drink lots of water, calm down, send love, and pray!  Burn off the flight or fight response chemicals with exercise, plenty of water then rest.  Breathe, send loving thoughts to yourself and all others.  Give thanks.  Then move onto a plan...physically, mentally and spiritually, to help better deal with anger and fear!  Water will help put out the fire from being burnt up with anger inside.  It will help cleanse the liver and kidneys and get the fluids moving properly again.  Meditating to water sounds is helpful, too.  Use herbs which will help balance the water in the body.  Parsley, for instance, is good.

Movement is so important to health, and it is good not only for the body, but the mind and spirit as well.  EVERYTHING that is healing is good for the body AND the mind AND the spirit is what I am trying to say, plus it takes ALL THREE for us to be fully well.  Wellness is all about balance in all three of these areas of our being.  We are not pieces and parts, we are one whole being!  We are spiritual entities with thoughts and emotions, housed in a physical body on earth.

Son in all aspects of healing look to all aspects of being, and work to bring balance and healing about.  In eating, eat to feed the body.  Food was given to us to nourish our hysical bodies.  Eat it in the form it is intended to be eaten in, and allow it to give you your physical strength.  Mentally take a look at what you feed your mind, and also at how you look at your food.  Is it strictly for pleasure and not for health?  Perhaps yoiu should change your mind!  Emotionally food can be used as a crutch, or as a symbol of love to ourselves.  Are we truly expressing love when we fill our gut with that which is not good for us?  Get in perspective on this.  Spiritually, food should come from non-violent sources, and it should be blessed, always in prayer for its intended good.  Those who don't think to give thanks for their food do not make a spiritual connection with what they put into their body.  This is important for healing.  Give thanks! 

The colon is a good example of how the mind and the sirit reflects in the body.  When holding onto anything, the colon will hold on as well.  Stress, hurrying, worrying,  or being sluggish and just laying around...these all interplay with the causing the other to become worse and then there's a problem that no one wants to talk about.  This problem leads to auto-toxicity and all sorts of other problems stem from just that.   Food, herbs, water, exercise, attitude, relaxation and meditation...all help.  Aromatherapy helps.  Laughter helps.  Everything natural helps everything, is what I'm trying to say!  Holistic healing is a comprehensive natural healing approach to life.  A dance !  An interplay of all factors involved, working together for our healing good.

Healing is about a lifestyle of healthy habits!  It's about attending to the needs of the body, the mind and the spirit in healthy and natural ways.  It's about not leaving anything out.  it's about balance.  it's about not ignoring part of the problem and only attending to the arts that the doctor can give you some drug or another to suppress or divert the symptoms.  The truth is that a pill simply cannot do everything!  Heck, even an herbal capsule can't do everything, but I do believe it has a better chance, simply because it is natural and can therefore invoke a true healing response.  But even then, the other areas of being need to be addressed every time, or the problem is really still there.

Realize you ARE part of nature, and then join in the dance...the true dance of the stars!  It is the dance of the flowers who naturally grow and embrace their true nature.  Embrace your true nature, as well.  Find your place in the perfecftion that is the Universe, and then naturally let yourself receive the healing that is yours by birthright.  Breathe in the air, drink of the fresh waters, and eat pure healthy foods, singing and dancing and loving your life and everything and everyone every day!  Take on this attitude and dance...literally dance...if you're in a wheelchair, then whirl it around...DANCE to the beauty of LIFE and give thanks for your are at this moment being healed and returning to your perfect state!  Every dance step we take in the direction of healing, gets us closer to who we were created to be.  Dance and be happy!  Don't be a wallflower and just sit and wilt.  Get up and dance and be glad that you are alive!

Laughter and Healing Love,
"Vibraceous, ND"


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