The Sound of Music

Please allow the song above to play as you begin to read.  I find it adds to the meaning of the words I am writing to you.  The hills ARE alive with the sound of music, just as the song tells us they are.  The birds, the rustling of leaves in the wind, the sound of raindrops, frogs, beetles, coyotes, and a myriad of creatures and elements singing together in harmony all through the night and the day.  If you're real still, you can even hear the snow when it falls! 

In the beginning, there was light, and there also was sound.  All sound was natural then.  There was not the sound of automobiles, airplanes, telephones and computers back then.  The sounds of nature are very soothing and healing.  Even the sounds which are not so lovely to hear give us information that could be vital to us.  Synthetic sound has created what we call NOISE.  There is a difference between noise and healing sound.  Healing sound resonates with the perfect vibration of life and conveys this vibration to us.  Noise, on the other hand, can oftentimes bring about confusion and disarray.

We can benefit much from listening to the beautiful sounds of nature in harmony, and also, yes of music instruments played in proper accord.  Harmony is wonderful in music for bringing about a sense of harmony in the mind, body and spirit, as well.  It is the vibration which relates to our inner being and brings us together asz one.  There is a vibration in all of life, and our body will naturally respond.  The vibration of music is very noticeable, and so too are sound healing results!

Not only are your ears eprfectly adapted to picking up sound and carrying the vibrations throughout your entire body, but you are also perfectly equipped with your own voice to sing your own healing song!  Actually, your whole body is an orchestra of sounds.  If you listen closely when you enter the silence, you can hear your own heart and other bodily functions as they occur.  Have you ever wondered why your body makes audible sounds?  It has to do with the vibration and the effect these vibrations have for your healing good.  Our whole body vibrates with life!

Most notably, we are equipped with the power of voice.  Our words bring thoughts into the recognizable world where our ideas can take form.  Our words define our abstract ideas and visualizations.  In a sense, our words make our ideas what they are.  We even think in the form of words, creating a certain vibration within our own minds.  Yes, a vibration...follow this idea a moment with me...

Our voices, internal as well as external, are capable of inflection, and this inflection, in turn, becomes song.  Meanings are conveyed through inflections of voice, just as feelings are evoked with the various notes of a song. 

There are so many ways that sound can be used in healing.  We can use recorded music, our own voices, musical instruments, singing bowls, tuning forks, or simply sitting quietly and listening to nature.  It's a very beneficial and delightful way to call forth the healing spirit!  Allow yourself to have fun with this!

You may think you can't sing.  Can you breathe?  Then you can sing!  It might not be stage quality singing, but that's not what we're all called to do!  What we are called to do is to sing our own healing song, so start with any note you can hum!

Humming is a very good way to feel the vibrations of music.  See how low you can go.  Hold it there, go up a little, back down and then a little bit further until you think you can't go any lower than that.  Then repeat and see if you can go lower still.  In the end you'll end up with a very low sort of growling sound.  Stay on that note for awhile and then bring it gradually up.  Feel the vibrations throughout your body.  Take it higher and higher until you think you can't go any higher.  Hold it, go lower, go higher again and then see if you can go higher still.  Don't strain your voice on this exercise, but see how high your voice really can go with humming, and then take it to a very high, quiet, almost inaudible pitch.  Play with these vibrations a bit! 

You can take yourself deeply into a meditative state by using the sound of "Ohmmm."  Go there.  Stay with the sound.  Form the audible sound with your voice and then as you go deeper into meditation take the sound internally and express it just with your mind.  Even a few minutes of this every day is so beneficial.  About twenty minutes will do as much good as an entire night of sleep, restoring your body and mind.

Back to the idea of playing with your voice, you can also benefit from sounds other than humming.  Try la-la-la or oh-oh-oh or any kind of sound that feels good.  Go up and down as you did with humming and see how far you can go in both directions.  Play with it.  Become more famiiar with your own voice every day. 

I play with my voice all the time.  When I'm alone in the the bathtub...or just around the house cleaning.  In the bathtub I like to put my ears under water and feel the vibrations as I meditate using the sound of "Ohm."  It increases the healing vibration so much to add the element of water into the mix!  Around the house cleaning I add the element of movement to the healing power of sound and this increases the healing power, as well.  In the car, well, that's just plain fun...and fun heals!

Once you become comfortable with the sound of your voice, try adding the power of words.  Words can be so powerful when added to song because as mentioned above, they define ideas.  They also can state intent.  Music can be used in prayer so easily to add power to what we are wishing to bring about in our life or what we are trying to express.

Start with something silly if this is easier for you.  Even with just silly words you are adding the healing power of fun, as mentioned before.  Sing your thoughts out loud to yourself.  Try to make simple rhymes, but if you don't, that is also okay.  EVERYTHING is okay!  We're not trying for stage quality here!!  Just sing.  Sing to be happy!  You don't have to already be happy to sing...singing will take you there!

If you're sad, sing a sad, sad song.  A song so sad it's a little bit silly.  Then sing a song that's a little bit less sad, and then one after that which is almost a little bit happy.  Go on up the list until you get to a real happy song.  Making a list up ahead of time for emergency use is a good idea for this exercise, because when we're sad, oftentimes we don't want to take the effort for this and it's hard enough to get ourselves to agree!  Haha!  True!  It might sound silly, but this is a good idea that really does help, so you might want to give it a try if you're prone to sad times at all.

But otherwise, just sing a silly little happy song and play with your voice.  Then take it the next step and start singing your prayers.  The more comfortable you become with this practice of freeing your voice during prayer, the more beautiful and harmonious you will find they become.  It's as if some sort of wonderful magic occurs and your voice begins to take you to places you didn't realize existed in you before!  It may take time to develop this practice, but the trick is in letting go of anything but the prayers in your heart.  Just be willing to let them come out and guide your voice.  Don't judge!  The more you do this, the more comfortable you will become.  What you will find is that your prayers become more manifest!  This is something the Psalmists of long ago knew!

Song can be used in rejoicing, celebrating, lamenting, motivating, relaxing, expressing all kinds of ideas and emotions...and song can be used in HEALING.  Become familiar with this power to commune with the hills.  The hills are are you! 

Another familiar song from the same film ("The Sound of Music") is "Do Re Me."  It is said that if you sing this song three times in a row it will align your whole being!  What can it hurt?  I believe it is true!  Each note hits different spots in the body according to similar vibration.  Every note has a vibration, as does every color.  (A colorful rainbow throughout your diet is the healthiest kind!)  So just as you would do well to eat all the colors, you would likewise do well to sing every note!  Play with your voice...become familiar with what it can do and then use it for your healing good.  (Next week we'll talk about the healing power of DANCE!!!)

We will be hosting a very special weekend April 26-28, 2013, in Hartville, Ohio, to dedicate our work towards the goal of healing the world.  Much of the weekend will be healing music.  Check out the emerging schedule (all is not posted yet...) and join us if you're in the area.  Everything is being offered on a love offering basis.  You are welcome to come share in our joy!

Blessings of Healing Song...
"Vibraceous, ND"


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