Mercy, Mercy

God have mercy on us who do not understand the Power and Glory of Love.  God have mercy on us who do not understand we are meant to be free.  God have mercy on us who do not believe there is hope.  God have mercy on us who are suffering.  God have mercy on us who hurt others.  God have mercy on us who steal, lie, cheat and turn our backs on others in need.  God have mercy on us who are afraid.  God have mercy on us who hate.  God have mercy on us who blame.  God have mercy on us who do not believe healing is possible now.  God have mercy on us who are weak.  God have mercy on us who are merciless.  God have mercy on us all, every one.

I use the word, "us" in this context because really each one of these things listed above and much more have been us all at one time or another in life.  When we look at others in their present state, we need to remember that we, too, have needed mercy, if not before then quite possibly some day yet ahead.  People find themselves in circumstances they don't ever think they'll be in, and then that's when they truly find out what they would and wouldn't do.  Plus, there are oftentimes circumstances that others face of which we are quite unaware.  It is foolish, arrogant, thoughtless and self-centered to ever assume much about someone else, as far as their inner thoughts and true character go, and certainly anything to do with their "worth."  People...all people...and all creatures for that matter...are worth everything in the eyes of God.  I say this in the belief that God is Love; God is Good; God is Life.  We are all precious and worthy of God...Worthy of Love, Goodness and Life.

So again I say, mercy on us all, even those without mercy, even those we think to be less than ourselves, and mercy on us, for we all are thoughtless, selfish, self-centered, arrogant, afraid, angry, hurt and confused now and then, and when we are, our human limitations can become problematic for us, and we wish for mercy for ourselves and for others for this.  These vehicles called bodies are wonderful in design, as is the transport system of the mind.  It is just that we don't yet quite know how to "drive," so to speak, and so we're crashing our "vehicles" around.  Goodness have mercy on us.  Love have mercy on us.  Life have mercy on us.  It is not only "them," it is me.  It is not only me, it is us.  We're in this together, you see.

With that being said, have mercy on others in your thinking of them, as you would ask for mercy on your own soul.  Ask for mercy for those whom you hate, and for yourself for holding hatred within your heart.  Let it go.  Let go and let God, and mercy shall fall upon you.  Forgive others and yourself and you are forgiven of all.  You must, however, be willing to forgive everyone else.  As hard as that sounds, stop and think about the forgiveness you seek for yourself.  It's only acted out differently, but essentially we are all the same.  The person who seems the most horrid is the one who is the most afraid.

This doesn't mean to expose yourself, of course, not to violence or danger of any kind, or abuse of the body, spirit or mind.  This means to forgive in your heart and not judge anyone else.  Instead, look to whether or not you need to protect yourself in any way, and then after that, your business is to take care of your own wrongs you've done, and work to not make so many more.  (I can't say not to make any, because of course you know we all will.  It is okay to make mistakes, the point is to become more aware and try to make up for our wrongs right away and not make the mistakes of which we're aware. 

Sometimes we're not even aware that we're making a mistake, because we're still figuring out so many of them.  The truth is that if we were to not make mistakes, our life would be absolutely perfect from beginning to end, of which of course there wouldn't be either one, for we are created in the perfect image and likeness of God, which has not beginning and end.  The truth is we make countless mistakes every day, some of which are extremely hurtful to others or to ourselves, and sometimes we don't even have any idea what we've done.

Let there be mercy for us.  Father forgive us for we know not what we do.  Let there be mercy for us, every one.

Let there be mercy for the murderer, the molester, the torturer, the criminally insane, the rapist, the executioner, the baby killer, the enemy, the terrorist, those who are cruel to animals, the slaughterer...where does it end?  It doesn't.  Let there be mercy for the alcoholic, the addict, the adulterer, the prostitute, the pornographer, the liar, the cheat, the thief, the manipulator, the swindler, the user, the gossiper, the back-stabber, the mean-spirited people and those with no thought to anyone else.  Let there be mercy for all.
Let there be mercy for the innocent, too.  Let there be mercy for the weak, the aged, for children and animals.  Let there be mercy for those who are abused, hurt, forgotten, lonely and killed.  Let there be mercy for those who are sick.  Each one of us is sick to one degree or another, or else we would be perfect, as we were created to be, healthy and whole in body, spirit and mind.  But alas, our bodies die due to lack of living up to what we were created to be.  May there be mercy for us, for death can come too soon, or too painfully long.  Either way, have mercy on us all at that time.

So, we are all in this together.  It is very blurry where one person ends and another begins, at this time or that time in life.  Sometimes the abused becomes the abuser.  Mercy save us from that.

Judge not lest ye be judged.  We are all the same.  We are One.  May we remember the mercy we wish for ourselves is the mercy we need to extend to others as well.  May we all pray to be merciful beings in our prayers for God's mercy for us.

We do not know what others have been through to bring them to the point they are at.  God have mercy on us for judging and not having compassion for them.

Have mercy on those who have wronged us, and have mercy on us for holding resentment inside of our heart.  Unforgiveness is what keeps us the sickest.  It will keep us even sicker than wrong eating will.  God is Love, and to expect God to work through us without allowing for love is like asking that we be hydrated without any liquid.  We must allow the Love to flow through in order for us to be healed.

God IS Love.  So to hold love out of our heart is to bar the door to God.  Remember also that God is Good, and so what I am saying is to hold Love out of our heart is to hold back the Good.  Remember, too, God is Life.  How could we possibly expect to be healthy if we deny Love in our heart?

Sounds simple, I know, but the truest principles in life are based on simplicity.  All of nature in its complexities and wonders is based on simplicity.  We are no different from that.

We are one with all of nature.  We are one with each other.  We're one with God.  Until we realize our Oneness completely, we will feel the pain of separation.  We ask for mercy in this.

We ask for mercy for destroying so much of our environment, our bodies, the earth, the air, the wildlife, our neighbors, our food supply, our water supply and we have put the future of our planet and coming generations at risk.  We ask for mercy in this.
We ask not only for mercy, but also for many blessings to be bestowed upon us, our neighbors, our enemies, everyone...for again, we are all one.  Bless us all.  May we find peace, freedom and true healing in this.

Thank you, oh merciful God.  May I express this same mercy to others as I am asking to be shown to me.  May I also stand up for the rights of those who cannot fight for mercy themselves.  Let the Love in my heart heal the world!

Blessings to All,
"Vibraceous, ND"
Dr. Jody Evans, ND, CTN, CNHP, D.D.


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