Let's Dance!

Dance! Dance! Everyone dance!  Dance in your heart!  Dance in your mind!  Get up on your feet and dance! 

Can't get on your feet?  Dance in your bed!  Movement will heal you, you see.

In fact, if we want to heal, we MUST move.  To stay in the same spot is to stay in the same condition we're in.  Movement goes hand in hand with any type  of change which comes about.  We move into the next moment in time.

To dance is to choreograph the changes in life, so as to speak, and to follow along with the music in a beautiful way, flowing perfectly to the rhythm and beat.  To translate that into every day life is a beautiful thing.  We can accomplish that through practicing dance in spirit, body and mind.  By consciously practicing dance in each of these areas, we will strengthen our ability in the other two.  The more we combine the practices, the more exponential will be the results. 

The dance of the spirit is the dance of love.  It is the dance of joy and of life.  Even in sorrow, we dance.  Imagine it as a beautiful dance, and allow yourself to move through the pain.  The music is beautiful still.

The dance of the mind is to learn how to dance around negative thinking and listen only to the chosen song.  If two songs are playing, it is important to focus on the one you are choreographed to.  Same thing in life.  Do you see what I mean?  Dance to the song which springs forth from your own heart, not to what others are harping away at, banging their drums and rattling their tambourines.  Keep your mind focused on the sound of your own heartstrings and continue to dance your own dance.  It is a beautiful dance.  Make it a dance of joy!  If it is a sad dance, then dance out the sadness and then still end it in joy.  You are the one choreographing the dance!

So now, for the physical dance, it is important to do it.  It's not enough to think it, although thinking it is very good and will help.  In fact, true success can not be achieved without the cooperation of mind, and spirit, of course.  If our spirit does not want to dance we might as well hang up our dancing shoes.  But not yet.  Wait.  The body has a way of convincing the spirit and mind!  So step out onto that dance floor even if your heart isn't quite in it yet and your mind says there is no way.  Turn on some music and just start to move.  Do it right there in your own living room.  Don't question it.  Do it!  Do it now!  Don't let your mind tell you it's not in the mood! 

The body is dependent upon a little bit of cooperation from the spirit or mind, either one, in order to be able to move.  So, spirit...that part of you that still hopes you can feel better...get on your feet now and try.  Mind...do it for the sake of curiosity if nothing else!

I have found in my practice that people can be very resistant to this idea, but when they try it, they will tell you without any doubt that it works.

Okay, here it is.  If you're for whatever reason confined to your bed, you can practice moving whatever parts you can move.  Each one.  Start with the toes.  Wiggle them.  Do your ankles move?  Can you bend at the knee?  How about your fingers?  Your wrists?  Your elbows?  Your neck?  Explore each part that your able to move and then put the music om and enjoy!  There are no excuses for not being able to dance!  Even the paralyzed can participate by imagining each movement in their mind, focusing on each toe, each finger, each turn of the head in the dance.  See it fervently in your own mind and listen to the music you'd like to see yourself dance beautifully to.

For the rest of us, get on your feet.  No excuses.  Turn on some music.  Whatever music you'd like.  If you're not in the mood, just pick something you like when you are in the mood, and then perhaps you'll get in the mood after we start. 

This is a little bit of an exaggerated dance at first, and then after awhile it doesn't feel so exaggerated at all,, but more natural.  Focus on each movement you make.  Elongate the stretches.  Notice how each part of your body feels as you move.  Stretch this way and then that way, to keep it balanced as much as you can.  Let your body relax and let go.  Swirl, tap, move side to side, trying to mix up the movements a bit.  Stretch, twist, open your chest up, feel how your organs feel as the movement massages them to wellness.  It's good! 

Side to side movements produce serotonin, which will help you sleep better and feel better all over.  Crossing over movements promote right and left brain integration, helping us to solve problems better and function better overall in our life.  Movement which involves pumping our calves helps to move lymphatic fluid around in our body, cleansing and nourishing our cells.  Dancing helps promote deeper breathing.  It also promotes balance, flexibility and strength...so many positive things...and each of these spills over into the mind and spirit, as well, making us more balanced, flexible and strong in all areas of life.

Start with one song...increase it to two.  The next thing you know you'll be dancing a half hour or an hour a day!  You'll love it so much that you won't want to stop!  It changes our brain chemistry, is part of the reason why.  Plus it really does make the body feel good!  At first we may think it's too tiring, but to practice a little bit more every day builds us up.

If you think you are feeling too stiff, go easy, but do it.  If you put on the music and start out by only moving those parts that you can, you will find your ability begins to increase.  The willingness is required, as discussed above, but talk yourself into it...it's worth your while!  If you can't move your hips because they hurt, then move your arms and your toes.  Do it from in a chair if you must, but put on some music and try.  Unless, of course, you want to stay where you are.  But you won't.  You'll get worse if you don't move.  I hate to be so blunt, but it's true.  It's proven that a sedentary lifestyle will lead sooner to disability and death. 

A lot of people want to make excuses, but excuses don't change anything.  If we want to dance the dance of excuses, that's fine, but we're not choreographing our own life in that way, and we are apt to not like the results.  This discipline is about taking control and turning your life around as if in a pirouette.  Do you want to choreograph your own life, or would you rather just cling to excuses instead? 

You can take yoga classes, you can go to a trainer, you can take dance lessons, you can do zumba...all of these will help plus much more.  You can take walks.  You can do so many things which promote good healthy movement and I would recommend all of these things.  But dancing is special.  Dancing adds joy to the movement.  Dancing in your living room to your own music is very personal and creative, which drives the healing even deeper than just only the physical practice of moving will do.  Dancing has a magic all of its own!  Dancing is expressive, helping us to release past emotions of pain, depression and fear.  Dancing helps us move into joy.

So dance!  Do it today!  Dance every day of your life!  You will enjoy better health and more peace of mind.  You will get better sleep and you'll find that a lot of your aches and pains go away.  You may even find that you're healing from conditions you did not know were even related, but trust me, they are.  We are one being, and all parts are related in us!  Dancing will help whatever the problem is if you give it a chance.  That's not to say don't drink water, eat right, use herbs, not expose yourself to toxins, etc., but that is to say it will help.  It sure couldn't hurt, I know that!  If it does, then sit back down in your chair and dance with your toes, your ankles, your fingers, etc.  Only try to move at your level of ability, but move.  Movement moves toxins out of your body and allows your body to work as it should!  How should it work?  Very well!

Dance your own beautiful dance and be well.  Why do you think God gave us song?  Wanting to move our bodies to music is a very natural thing.  It's all part of God's healing plan.Enjoy your healing dance!

"Vibraceous, ND"
Dr. Jody Evans, ND, CTN, CNHP, D.D.
Essentials of Life Holistic Enrichment Center

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